About Eric

My name is Eric Kenney and I am behind Geographic Unknown. After many years of being the "tech guy" at every job, I decided maybe I should just be the "tech guy" on my own. That is where the idea for Geographic Unknown came about. Technology and data are incredibly useful tools to solve problems and improve processes in conjunction with great ideas and vision.

I recently completed my second Masters degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on nonprofit management at California State University, Long Beach. My first Masters degree is in Geography, Spatial Statistics, and Geographic Information Systems from Arizona State University.

My professional path has taken me down a winding road but there is one common thread running through it all. Technology and data. I have more than three years working in nonprofit and over a decade working primarily in the public sector. I started off doing tech support over the phone, then switched focus and started making maps, moved into database management, then into fundraising, volunteer management, event production, logistics, and then back to tech side as volunteer staff for an startup nonprofit organization in West Hollywood, CA.

I am strong believer in the power of both public sector and nonprofit. Both can and often are utilized for the betterment of society. I also understand that money and budgets, especially for young organizations is incredibly finite. My goal is to help you meet your needs as an organization, and help you grow in the blindly-fast changing technological world without costing a fortune and hopefully save you money in the process.